So, it's time for a Whimsical best of, eh? Well, I have to publicly declare that I have an interest here, as I used to write press releases for them. However, they dumped me without any explanation or, indeed, a farewell pie. The bastards. So, I think it's safe to say you don't want to buy this.

However, if my pride is of little interest to you, and judging from my life so far, that would seem to be the case, I'll tell you a wee bit more. Edinburgh based Whimsical Label was launched in 1999 and have been ploughing an indie rock furrow ever since, looking back over one shoulder to them there eighties, when skinny white boys with guitars were all the rage in Scotchland. So if Josef K influenced guitar pop is your thing, read on.

Label mainstays Jack Butler manage to snag half a dozen of the 21 tracks on offer, with the best of them 'Apocalypse Clocks'. The Shermans get more than their fair share of tunes, but if you're looking for a lost gem, point yourself towards Vegas Nights, a band who should be huge, if the shuffling bagsy of 'Touch And Feel' is anything to go by. Natasha England from them there eighties made a surprise return to music via Whimsical, and her two tracks are well worth hearing.

Elsewhere, there's a mighty fine ballad in the shape of Adam Tedder's 'It'll Be Soon', and Sunshine Variety Club’s 'The Girl With The Crooked Smile' remains lost classic. Naturally, there are a few tracks that don't pass muster, but you have to admire Ewan Mckenzie's perseverance as the music business collapses all around us. Still no pie for me, though.


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